Other Services

Other services available on request. Any PvE boosts: Brawlers Guild, HFC raids, Achievements, etc. - Contact us for details!

Requirements for selfplay

You are required to bring a functioning headset to communicate with our team members and be able to follow instructions. Your character needs to have gearscore 630 in every slot as well as 10 draenic invisibility potions (18 sec), some healing tonics, 3 greater draenic flasks and 4 stacks of draenic potions suited to you specialisation.

What is Selfplay?

You play your own character, we won't ask you for any account details. Our group of professionals will guide you through the dungeons and explain everything as well as answer any questions you might have. You will actively participate in the success of the run and have fun playing along side our boosting team - any class, any dps spec.

What is Pilot?

This means accountplay or accountshare. We will control your character and complete your order on it while you can just sit back, relax and watch us doing the run - any class, any spec.

What is Double Selfplay?

This is almost the same as the single selfplay version, however it's only for certain classes and specs and people looking for the thrill of a more advanced run with higher requirements.