Terms of Use


Declaration of agreement:
By buying on of our products you are obliged to pay for it and confirm to have read and accepted the terms of use of BigBoyBoosters. If you have any questions or problems, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service.

Legal notes:
BigBoyBoosters is offering a service which refers to virtual items or virtual currencies in the online roleplay game (MMORPG) «World of Warcraft». Subject of this offer are not virtual items or currencies, but simply the service to acquire these. We highly stress the fact that previously mentioned items and currencies do not exist in real life. BigBoyBoosters does not claim ownership of these virtual items or any other property of Blizzard Entertainment Inc., nor of any descriptions whatsoever. With the purchase of our offer, the buyer is aware that according to Blizzard Entertainment Inc.’s terms of use commercial trading of virtual items (which include in-game currencies), accounts and/or buying a service (such as, but not exclusively power-leveling), as well as the so called «account-sharing» (willingly handing your personal account information to a third-person) contradict the basic principles of Blizzard Entertainment Inc. This means it is forbidden and can lead to account punishments and permanent closures. BigBoyBoosters is not responsible for such measures and does not offer money payback or compensations in these cases. BigBoyBoosters is in no way associated with Blizzard Entertainment Inc.

Refund and cancellation policy and date changes:
If an offered and paid service not be successfully completed by the provider because of their fault, then BigBoyBoosters offers a full money-back guarantee. Most orders are completed within the shortest time possible and BigBoyBoosters’ customer service is available on a daily basis. Should you feel like you’ve been waiting for too long for delivery after buying one of our products, please contact our customer service. A possible discount or a partial repayment in such a case is to be determined by the team of BigBoyBoosters. If you would like to cancel your order please contact BigBoyBoosters’ customer service. You’re required to contact us latest 24 hours before your scheduled time to change the date or be eligible for a refund in case of an order cancellation. A money payback is not possible otherwise; deposits are generally excluded from refunds. Any other refunds or discounts are at the sole discretion of BigBoyBoosters. Discounts can't be combined and are always taken off the original price.

Data protection:
Any personal data that are mandatory for your identification and which you give us voluntarily, are only be used to complete your order to your utter satisfaction and will never be handed to third parties. All your account data which you’ve entrusted us with (if applicable) won’t be abused and are irrevocable deleted after completing your order. Livestreams are an optional offer by BigBoyBoosters and underlie highest anonymity standards.

Accordingly, all in-game names, battle-tags and other personal information are hidden and the teamspeak server (alternative: skype call) which is used for the boost can only be accessed by team members of BigBoyBoosters and the buyers. For your own safety we strongly advise you to never send your password, bank account data or other sensitive personal information in public chats or in the in-game-/battle.net-chat!

Payment methods:
All payments are generally done in EURO (€). Please contact our customer service for swiss francs (CHF) or danish krone (DKK). In case you want to pay in another currency you will have to pay the currency conversion rate. Payments have to be done in advance and a deposit is necessary for a mandatory date reservation. BigBoyBoosters accepts the following payment methods: - PayPal - Skrill* - Bank transfer - credit card (via PayPal)* *Minor additional costs may apply.

Site notice:
Copyright for all content – if not stated otherwise – on the site www.bigboyboosters.com are by BigBoyBoosters respectively the original authors of the used pictures/extracts. Registered names and brands are intellectual property of particular rights owners or companies and only serve for product description. World of Warcraft is a registered trademark of Blizzard Entertainment Inc. Website design by JBD.

Last updated: February 2016